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shiluva wellness consultant


Welcome to my website. Please allow me a moment to introduce myself.


I hold a bachelor's degree in social work. I graduated from the University of KwaZulu-Natal Natal in 2010.
I have experience in the public and nonprofit sectors. This has impacted my career development. 

I am enrolled with the South African council of social service professions as a social worker. (SACSSP). I am also registered as a private practice social worker with the Board of Health Finder. (BHF). My practice was registered in July 2021.

In addition to the PCA method, I also apply the solution-focused brief therapy (SBF). Which is a future-focused, objective-driven approach to resolving human issues? Rather than focusing primarily on problem-solving, the main focus is on developing solutions.

At Shiluva Wellness Consulting, we understand the unique needs of your workforce, and we're dedicated to addressing them through our comprehensive Employee Wellness Programs (EWPs). Our customized initiatives not only enhance your organization but also provide vital support to your valuable team members and their families.


Emotional Support

Our emotional support services assist you / your workforce in dealing with any psychological issues while at home or away for business. 


trauma counselling

Trauma counselling promotes healing and recovering after trauma, it provides containment, support and usually diminishes the symptoms of trauma.

Romantic Couple

relationship Support

Reconnect sexually, emotionally, intellectually. physically and spiritually. Coaching will facilitate re-patterning old behaviour and challenge existing and dysfunctional patterns.

Family with Tablet


Family therapy can help you improve troubled relationships with your partner, children or other family members. You may address specific issues, or impact on the entire family.


grief counselling

Help people cope with the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and cognitive responses to loss.

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Alcohol and Substance Abuse counselling and inpatient treatment referral.

Image by Tamarcus Brown

employee wellness services

Our EWP services include:


  • Face-to-Face Onsite and Offsite Counseling: Providing personalized counseling sessions to support your employees' mental and emotional well-being, whether on-site or off-site for added convenience and comfort.

  • Wellness Days Onsite: Hosting wellness days on-site to promote physical and mental health through various activities, workshops, and resources.

  • Critical Incident Debriefing Sessions: Offering specialized support and guidance to help your team cope with and recover from critical incidents effectively.

  • Online Support: Providing accessible online resources and support channels to ensure continuous assistance and guidance for your employees, no matter where they are.

  • Health and Wellness Education: Providing informative sessions and resources to empower your employees with the knowledge and tools to make healthier lifestyle choices.

  • HIV/AIDS Testing, Management, and Support: Offering confidential testing, expert management, and compassionate support for employees dealing with HIV/AIDS-related concerns.

  • Absenteeism Management: Implementing strategies to help reduce absenteeism by addressing underlying issues such as stress, illness, and work-related challenges.

  • Substance Abuse Testing and Training: Conducting substance abuse testing and offering educational programs to raise awareness and provide support for employees dealing with substance abuse issues.


By offering these diverse services, we empower your employees to prioritize their well-being and thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

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